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Houdini, Maya, Realflow, Python, VEX

Secret Life of Pets2
Personal projects
Inanis Aedes
Maestro Moustache

Worked on:

Houdini Tools

A collection of scripts to improve Houdini stability and usability.

Each feature can be disabled to fit your needs. It only changes local preferences and don't impact the scenes you save on the pipeline.

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Distributed Baking Tool - Maya

A tool used for baking different maps on a distributed renderfarm or locally.

You can continue to work on the scene while it is baking and it also prevents Maya from crashing or polluting the scenes with useless data.
It uses Turtle for better and faster results, but it can also use Mental Ray. Also support UDIMs

"Any" operation can be threaded this way.

Inanis Aedes

This full CG video is about a quiet place in which Movement has many faces.

Selected at SIGGRAPH Asia

Everything has been done in 20 days with Omar Meradi.

Maestro Moustache

Julien is bored and watching TV, when he discovers he has strange magic power...

Selected at SIGGRAPH Los Angeles

Everything has been done in 20 days with Florian Girardot and Omar Meradi.