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A collection of tools to set default preferences automatically and make Houdini more usable.

Default Preferences

  • Disable Nodes Shapes
  • Use Simple Node Shapes
  • Disable Auto Move Nodes
  • Disable Nodes Animations
  • Set Low Size to Show Ring
  • Show Displayed Node instead of Selected Node
  • Create Tools In Context
  • Set UI to Compact Mode
  • Startup with a specific Desktop

On Scene Open

  • Apply the default Desktop
  • Set Cooking mode to Manual
  • Set view to “Show Display Operator”
  • Set view to “Hide other objects”

For making the loading of scenes faster and more stable

Network View Improvements

  • Drag and drop files from explorer (abc/usd/usd/usd/obj/fbx/txt/mdd/ass/rs/images):

  • Propagate display flag to children:

  • Create object merge from clipboard (Ctrl+C Alt+V):

  • Alt+click to create Nulls:

  • Connect nodes by height position (Shift+Y):

  • Create Node Previews (experimental):

  • Improved Cycle display flag (R):


  • Paste parameters (Ctrl+Shift+C / Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Change particle types of display (Shift+D)
  • Show dependency links (Ctrl+D)
  • Toggle cooking mode (F10)
  • Changing viewport background color (Shift+B):

Scrub Timeline (K) (Video)

Network Clipboard - Send selected nodes to another user on the same network

How to install

Download the latest release and extract its content. Modify the file Houdini-tools/REGNAREB.json, replace path/to/this/folder with the path to the folder of Houdini-tools
Then copy this .json file in your Houdini preference folder, in a packages folder
If everything is working fine, it should show that window on the next start of Houdini:

For more tool preferences, activate the Regnareb shelf and press the Preferences button:

For Developers

You can download the code by doing

git clone --recurse-submodules -c core.symlinks=true --remote-submodules

How to uninstall

If you want to uninstall the tools, just delete the file packages/regnareb.json in your Houdini preferences